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QR Codes: Are You Using them with Your Smartphone? – 011

QR Codes: Are You Using them with Your Smartphone? Simply put, QR codes are little white squares that have been loaded with a pattern of black lines and dots. They are a 2-dimensional form similar in purpose to the product code seen on retail items, but much more valuable in the amount of information they [...]

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qr code, qr codes, qr code reader, qr code app

QR Code Marketing: Spotlight – 010

The use of QR codes as a marketing tool is rapidly gaining popularity among progressive businesses looking to expand their customer base. This inexpensive form of advertising acts as a fast, simple and effective conduit between a company’s web-based presence and the physical world. Understanding QR Codes The QR system uses a unique barcode structure [...]

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qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card, iphone app, android app

QR Codes Are Finally Growing In Application and Popularity – 009

You may not be familiar with the term “QR Code” but it is very possible that you have at least seen one in the last few months and wondered what the little white square with all the black markings in some sort of pattern represented. Major airlines such as United have been including them on [...]

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qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card

QR Code Readers and their integration with current camera apps – 007

There’s no doubt that QR Codes are growing in usage at an exponential rate, and as their use and applications grow so do the amount of iPhone apps and Android apps we can find in either Apple’s App Store and Android’s own App Market. It is believed that the amount of readers at this time [...]

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YPrintIt App for iPhone

Introducing YPrintit for iPhone

The contact card is a fundamental business tool globally used to facilitate business. Millions of contact cards are produced daily to support business transactions, yet very few people realize the problems associated with this form of business communication.

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