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QR Codes on Permanent Labels From NFi Brand, Identify Products and Much More

From MarketWatch Nameplates For Industry, Inc. (NFi) has introduced product identification labels that can be fully integrated with QR (quick response) codes and the full-color printing of custom graphics on a variety of substrates. These multipurpose QR code labels can be designed and produced for a wide range indoor and outdoor applications. NFi QR Code [...]

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Why QR Codes Could Help Save Print Advertising

By Allen Stern Today we have a new bar-code technology, called QR code (or 2-D bar code), coming to newspapers, magazines, and outdoor advertisements. Usage already is high in Japan. The big difference between the CueCat in 2000 and today’s QR code is mobile. The power of the QR codes comes because it works with your [...]

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QR Codes Will Soon Change the Way You Buy Tickets.

Thanks to Quick Response codes, printed tickets may soon be a thing of the past. QR codes are two-dimensional matrix bar codes that can be read by telephones with a built-in camera. There is also a stand-alone QR code reader for those without camera phones. In keeping with the times, QR codes can even be read with [...]

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Using QR Codes to Establish Important Business Contacts

Although the concept of Quick Response codes (QR codes) has not caught the imagination of retailers in America as strongly as it has in Asia and Europe, technology-driven consumers and business representatives may be the impetus behind a recent surge in popularity. These little white squares with black markings are now being seen on almost [...]

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Will QR Code Technology Lead the Next Revoltution in Marketing?

Quick Response barcodes (QR codes) were first developed by the Japanese company Denso-Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to more effectively track the huge quantities of vehicle parts in their manufacturing pipeline. These little white squares with black modules resemble the barcodes that are regularly scanned through grocery and department store registers. However, they are much [...]

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Using QR Codes to Measure Mupis Traffic

Since QR codes were first invented in Japan in 1994, new and innovative methods have been developed to apply them to the business world. These little information-packed, white squares with customized black, computer-generated configurations carry URLs, physical addresses, schedules, product information and services and a host of other valuable data. They can be found in window [...]

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Custom QR Code Readers: Keeping Up With the Codes

Marketing strategists for corporations around the world are coming to know the value of QR codes combined with the power of a consumer’s smart phone camera in today’s digital world. They are also learning that there are numerous variations of the codes; and that the type of QR code reader needed to scan the code is dependent [...]

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QR Codes and TV Advertising

Quick response codes (QR or QR codes) are the next “better mousetrap” now appearing in some TV advertising. The use of digital interactive technology to reach the viewing public via their smartphones is poised to leap quickly into the marketing plans of many advertisers. This segment of the viewing audience is also growing by leaps and [...]

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Custom QR Code Readers: Keeping Your Marketing Tools on the Cutting Edge

Staying competitive in any business today means keeping up with the latest advances in technology, and moving forward with the technology that is going to stand the test of these fast-paced times. Just a couple of years ago, if you asked your neighbor what a QR code was you probably would have just gotten a strange [...]

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QR Codes: The Key to Marketing Impact – 022

QR Codes are one of the latest revolutions in the marketing field, thanks to how they present an innovative alternative to bar code or text marketing campaigns. By definition, they are small, box-shaped images which combine a series of contrasting light and dark points; by scanning the code with a QR code reader, additional information can [...]

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