An inevitable expansion

You remember the day when the YPrintIt QR Code App arrived to the iPhone App Store right? Users all over the world downloaded it and now use it on an everyday basis. This was really good as the whole idea behind it was to create conscience on how to have a greener future, one in which we use less and less printed materials and guarantee a better environment for future generations.

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Introducing YPrintIt for Android!

So after a lot of really hard work we finally got it done. Our totally cutting edge and amazingly useful social networking, contact management, green technology, business cards replacing, QR Code reader-generator, mobile application (wow that took the breath out of me!) is now available for Android!

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YPrintIt App for iPhone

Introducing YPrintit for iPhone

The contact card is a fundamental business tool globally used to facilitate business. Millions of contact cards are produced daily to support business transactions, yet very few people realize the problems associated with this form of business communication.

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