Tokyo’s QR Code ‘N Building’ – The Future of QR Code Applications?

Last year something truly spectacular came to Tokyo, Japan – something that technology buffs and QR Code enthusiasts in particular would find very entertaining and inspiring. That ‘something’ is the N Building. This amazing building is located near Tachikawa Station, in a shopping district. The commercial building is unique, and of interest to QR code [...]

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QR Code Apps

We have talked about QR Codes here a lot, how they are used, for what, who uses them, from publicity banners to magazines and websites alike. But why not talk about the vital thing you need to make use them? Yes, we’re talking about QR Apps both for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  And believe us [...]

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Electronic Business Cards

Electronic Business Cards, the first step to a paperless world?

QR Codes, E-Readers, more and more advanced smartphones… are we on the road to a paperless world? It’s a possibility we can’t deny. For one let’s remember one thing, as days go by, we are becoming more and more conscious on the serious consequences of mass consumption of our natural resources, specially trees which are [...]

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QR Code iPhone App

What can I do with a QR Code?

QR Codes? What are those? This is a question many of us have asked ourselves since the advent of this technology and that today, with most mobile phones having a camera, has become a daily occurrence. And not just in magazines, we have seen them in huge banners at the entrance way of conventions and [...]

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A YPrintIt Society

Why Print it? That’s exactly what YPrintit stands for. And it means a lot in the new society we’re living in these days. The advent of popular devices like the Kindle, Nook and Sony’s very own e-reader along with their counterpart iPhone Apps are precisely putting us against the wall with that particular question: YPrintit if you can have it in your phone or your tablet or your e-reader?

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