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Interactive commercials with QR Codes – 004

We have talked about how QR Codes have become the weapon of choice for marketing agencies and experts who have seen in them the perfect tool for expanding the reach of a banner or an ad in a newspaper or magazine. Now, they have raised the bar one more time. By now you should know [...]

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qr code, qr code readers, electronic business card, iphone app

QR CODES everyone makes its own – 003

One of the interesting things that one can see nowadays related to QR Codes is the fact that they’re being used everywhere and for absolutely anything. And this has led to companies to not just create and use QR Codes for their particular needs they’re also creating custom QR Code Readers to read their own codes. This [...]

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qr code, qr code reader, electronic business card

QR Codes and the iPad 2 – 002

QR Codes and tablet computers have a close relationship with each other, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Motorola’s XOOM, all can interact with them with proprietary and third party QR Code readers, all bu one, the one that started it all nonetheless, Apple’s own iPad. That came to an end last week though when Steve Jobs surprised [...]

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qr codes, qr code reader, iphone app, android app, electronic business cards

QR Codes: Tourist Aid, innovative and useful. – 001

Well, we’re back again and this time we have found another interesting and innovative use for QR Codes, this time, we have learned how QR Codes can help make a tourist visit a better experience, how you ask? QR Codes can be placed in sings either in the entrance or near important landmarks so people [...]

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